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100% success rate = All claims filed with HMRC R&D unit have been accepted and paid by HMRC without any queries being raised.

We’ve taken a range of diverse claims to very successful conclusions. You’re in safe hands.

We could convince you with words if you gave us an hour. But those numbers should speak for themselves.


How we work

With our R&D tax expertise we quickly identify eligible projects and activities, we produce technical reports and figures for company tax returns, ensuring R&D claims meet the requirements of the relevant tax legislation and guidelines.

We diligently work through your project details and costs and your ownership structure, and if you are part of a group, any grant funding received and reflect this in line with any rules or regulations of the schemes.


Step 1: Initial Assessment

In this stage, the objective is to understand the nature of the business and the markets in which the company operates and to identify areas where eligible R&D activities may have taken place.


Step 2: Meeting

If eligible R&D activities have been identified, we will request financial documents and organise a meeting with key personnel to discuss R&D projects.


Step 3: Documentation preparation

Following the meeting, we will prepare the R&D documentation (Calculations and a Project Technical Description Report) for submission to the HMRC R&D unit.


Step 4: Approval & Submission

Once the R&D documentation has been prepared, these are reviewed and approved by the client and his accountant. We can provide as much support as is needed for the inclusion of the R&D tax relief claim on the CT600 return.


They turned something difficult into a manageable process

“Kloud Tax Accountants have looked after our R+D claims for several years and have reliably supported our data collection and preparation in readiness for the R+D claims. They really turned something fiendishly difficult into a manageable process”.

Harry Dewick-Eisele
Managing Director
Safelincs Ltd



We trust their integrity and high professionalism

“RevGlue has been working with Kloud Tax Accountants professional team for several years now. We trust their integrity and high professionalism and they have supported us to claim yearly R&D credits. I have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone looking for quality service to claim their R&D credits.”

Adeel Farooq


Prepared and filed R&D claims on behalf of my clients

“Kloud Tax Accountants have prepared and filed R&D claims on behalf my clients and they have been done diligently and all have been paid by HMRC . They are very supportive in dealing with any queries raised and respond efficiently and promptly.”

Azam Gulzar
Accountancy & Taxation Solutions Ltd


They get to the heart of matters by challenging in a thought provoking way

“Kloud Tax Accountants are a dynamic and professional firm of accountants . They get to the heart of matters by challenging in a thought provoking way.They have been a pleasure to work with and always deliver to tight deadlines”. 

Zaki Sheikh BA (Hons) ACMA CGMA
Head of Record to Report
LANXESS Solutions UK Ltd


The team always goes beyond expectation

“I have used the services and advise from Kloud Tax Accountants, and it has served me well. The team always goes beyond expectation.”

Azeem Javed
Creative Networks Ltd

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