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Startups and new technology pioneers.


Ground-breaking architecture and high-level city planning.


The next great food revolutionaries.


Sustainable fashion designers.

Creative industries

Cutting-edge documentary filmmakers.


The next pioneers of modern medicine.

Are you eligible?

What Qualifies as R&D?

There are two key pieces of criteria in determining whether you are eligible for R&D Tax Credits: innovation and uncertainty.
A project is likely to qualify if it involves innovation through risk-taking in development, or if it improves a product, process, or service.

Bear in mind that the definition of R&D tax relief is broader than the traditional understanding of R&D. The full definition also includes materials, processes, designs, products, and services.

Many companies are simply unaware that what they are doing makes them eligible for R&D. Any incorporated company is likely to have qualifying R&D for tax purposes if you have been engaged in any of the following areas.


New product development


Software development,








Improvement in manufacturing




Investigative work

A big opportunity

How much can be claimed?

Up to 33% of your qualifying R&D expenditure can be claimed. This can be a significant source of funding for the company . The average claim is around £78,000.


up to*

How it works

Background to R&D tax relief

The scheme provides tax relief on expenditure incurred in seeking an advance in science and technology or an appreciable improvement in processes, materials, designs, products, and services through the resolution of scientific and technological uncertainties.

At first glance, this can look daunting. Let’s put your mind at ease.

This can include any activities that improve the manufacture of existing products or processes. Or the delivery of services, as well as devising new ones.

R&D is not restricted to those in white coats working in a lab. You are more likely to be eligible than you think.

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Outsourced R&D tax for accountants

Struggling with your client’s R&D tax requests? Unsure of how to manage your current R&D tax workload? We also offer a dedicated service for accountants, that should ease you through the world of R&D tax.

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