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We understand better than anyone that being an accountant is a very busy job.

You may not have the time to delve into the world of R&D tax relief. We do, however, and can quickly review your portfolio of clients and provide the following:


Quickly assess the potential for any qualifying R&D for your clients.


Assist in scoping any potential R&D claim.


Calculations and working papers to support the numbers on the CT600 return.


Clarification and understanding of the HMRC guidelines. It is a difficult area to interpret and can cause confusion.


Write or assist in writing up the project technical description report, which will determine the success or failure of the claim.


Specialists to help avoid mistakes

We manage the R&D claim process and if needed deal with any HMRC inspector queries.

We advise on internal processes and procedures needed to collate R&D information and documents necessary for the efficient processing of a claim.

Allow us to take the reigns and guide you through the R&D process. Maybe next time you won’t need to use us, but that will be because you have learned through our processes.

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Referral fee

We pay a generous referral fee.

We work on a contingent fee basis as a percentage of the benefit created. Therefore, your clients will only pay for the benefit they receive.

Our goal is to provide a professional and cost-effective service.


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